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+ Fat burning and weight control.

Whether you want to lose weight or reduce your body fat percentage, TecFit is ideal for you.

Calorie consumption when training with TecFit technology is very similar to the calorie consumption you would have with any high intensity exercise, however, the greatest benefit in terms of calorie consumption that your body gets is achieved during the next 48 to 96 hours after training. After training with TecFit your body is in a metabolic state which makes it a more efficient machine and therefore requires more energy consumption.

When your calorie “burn” is greater than your food intake, your body gets rid of the fat.

+ Increase in muscle mass.

When you train with TecFit it has a double effect on your muscles:

Mechanical breakage of muscle fibers. Don’t let the name mislead you, this breaking of fibers is something that can benefit all of us, because once the muscle recovers, it is stronger and denser. In other words: With TecFit you will gain muscle mass.

Fatigue or metabolic stress, that feeling of “pumping out” from exercising, seeing your veins popping, being red in the face, that sense of well-being and satisfaction after completing a challenging workout is largely due to the metabolic stress that is triggered when your muscles have been exercised intensely and correctly.  

When you achieve greater muscle mass, your body consumes more energy and feels and looks much better.

Whether you’re looking for a slim, aesthetic figure or a strong, powerful body, TecFit is the right choice for you.   

+ Anti-aging.

Age is a number, but metabolic age is not necessarily equal to our years of age.

Our metabolic age, that is, how young or old we look and feel is directly linked to the mass and quality of our body’s muscles. Our muscles are the road through which many of the natural processes that we call LIFE pass, when our muscles are in better condition, these processes are carried out more efficiently causing our body to be able to fight the course of time. 

How much are a few more years of quality of life worth to you?

+ Reduces and relieves back pain.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people have suffered from back pain?

Stress, bad posture, lack of exercise, among many other factors weaken and contract the muscles of the back.

While using TecFit technology, your muscles systematically contract and relax, releasing accumulated tension and relieving pain.

If you want to get rid of back pain, TecFit is your answer!

+ Abdominal fat is removed.

Visceral or abdominal fat is the most dangerous for your organs and your health, accompanied by good eating habits, TecFit has proven to be one of the most effective methods in the world to eliminate it. 

Preventing diseases caused by excess abdominal fat such as diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver and hypertension is possible thanks to TecFit.

+ A freer and more functional life.

Have you ever had trouble getting out of bed, bending over, running or any other physical activity?

Don’t let sedentarism and atrophy win the battle, you have in your hands the power to live a free life and do everything that allows you to enjoy life.

Whether for older adults, sedentary people or those who have suffered injuries, TecFit is the safest form of physical training. Our technology allows you to activate all the muscles in your body in a controlled manner, giving you not only a feeling of well-being, but also improving the capacity and functionality of your body every day.

With TecFit we can all exercise in a safe and fun way!

+ Superhuman (also known as superheroes)

Run faster, jump higher, go further! All this and more is possible when you become the best version of yourself.

Sports performance, cardiovascular health, strength and speed are the result of correct muscle activation and training. 

Dare to know your super powers!

Use TecFit while doing any challenging exercise routine that makes the body consume more calories, oxygen, and puts more effort into the muscle fibers. In other words, TECFIT technology helps boost your exercise routine by making it more effective and helping you see results in less time and with less effort.


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Bienvenido a TecFit / Welcome to TecFit
Bienvenido a TecFit / Welcome to TecFit