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Proudly manufactured in Mexico and thanks to the collaboration of scientists and engineers from 12 countries such as Germany, Hungary, Korea and the United States, TecFit is the solution your body needs.

TecFit devices.

The first thing is the safety of our customers, that is why our devices are manufactured in compliance with the most rigorous standards and quality processes.

When you use a TecFit device you have the confidence that all the electronic components, from the batteries to the motherboard, have been selected and assembled with your safety, well-being and satisfaction in mind. 

You have the BEST WARRANTY IN THE WORLD, our devices never fail, but if they fail we replace them with a new one

That’s how confident we are of our quality!

Environmental responsibility.

Absolutely all parts and components of our devices come from sustainable sources and the manufacturing and assembly process is in a constant state of efficiency to ensure that we are generating the least possible environmental impact.  

Social Responsibility. 

TecFit is for everyone, not just for those of us who have the advantage of being able to buy the technology, which is why for every TecFit device sold, our company donates one month of TecFit training to a low-income senior citizen, generating greater functionality, improving posture, reducing resting heart rate for good, and combating the loss of muscle and bone density, among other things.

Thank you for helping us improve the health of those who need it most. 

TecFit suits and vests.

Our suits and electrodes are made of materials that are 100% biocompatible with the human body. They are designed to be comfortable, hygienic and above all safe for anyone to use. 


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Bienvenido a TecFit / Welcome to TecFit
Bienvenido a TecFit / Welcome to TecFit